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Our caregivers offer support via re-ablement or complete care packages which include:

Personal care

We offer all types of personal care, however our aims is to promote independence thus from our risk assessments we are able to outline exactly what level of support each client will need. We are able to support our clients with the following:

Medication Support

We offer two types of support when it comes to medication:

Prompting Medication – When prompting medication this is only to remind the client that they need to take their medication.

Administering Medication – This type of support is for clients who are no longer able to support themselves taking their own medication. The care worker is to give the client the medication and to monitor the administration of the medication. This is documented and recorded via a signature on a Medication Administration Record chart (MAR chart) which will be left in the clients home.

When a client needs Medication administration we highly recommend that the medication is to be stored in a blister pack this can be done by your local pharmacist. Having a blister pack is highly recommended as this reduces the risk of any medication errors.

Meal Preparation

We understand that family are not always around to help with making meals throughout the day. We are available to come at different times of the day to support with meal preparation whether it is a meal or a snack or just to ensure there are enough fluids available for the client.

Social Support

We can provide social support to the client depending on their risk assessment. We provide services such as going for a walk in a park, taking a client to a medical appointment, or going to any local amenities via public transport. It’s always beneficial for our clients to change their environments and get some fresh air from time to time.

Befriending & Companionship

Many of our clients have a low networking circle and sometimes all you need is a friendly face to have a nice conversation with. Care workers can help to find local social clubs or have a friendly chat and share life experiences.

Domestic support

Care Workers can assist with light domestic work around the house such as dusting, hoovering, washing dishes, changing bed sheets and doing the laundry. We understand that such tasks can be difficult for some of our clients thus our trained care workers are here to help.

Shopping support

Whether the client has the ability to accompany the care worker or not the carer’s  will be available go to the local shops and purchase the required items. Transactions will be monitored by a financial transaction form to ensure safety of both parties. Care Workers are unable to purchase any medical items or alcohol.

Time out-respite time

This service is mainly for the family, we offer support for our clients families e.g.  you have booked an appointment and are worried to leave the client home alone, we can arrange for a care worker to come and stay with the client until you return.  They will be able to do any of the above services to ensure to client is happy and comfortable.

Such resources can aid and ensure service users of having a better and more positive quality of life, ultimately giving service users the opportunity to do the things they enjoy for longer.

This service is aimed at adults of all ages and with a variety of provisions. Whether it be service users that have a disability or suffer short/long term illnesses or those mental health issues, our trained care workers will be available and trained to support these individuals.