Please contact us directly regarding charges and fees so that we can offer you the best package for your personalised care plan. Charges will be all-inclusive, there will be no extra charges of any kind. Rates are subject to change based on any significant increase in care requirements, however any increases will be discussed and agreed with the fund provider prior to implementation. 

The sleep on night duty charge will be from 10pm to 7am, which will cover two wake up calls. Additional charges may apply if the carer had to get up more than twice.

Public Holiday Charges

Public holiday charges may apply on all statutory public holidays from midnight to midnight.


If the monitoring systems does not work then a service user will be given a timesheet at the end of each visit where they are requested to sign to confirm that the duties were carried out. A copy will be provided to all parties, the service user, and the carer and for office use.

Cancellations / Changes

We require 24-hour notice if you wish to cancel a visit, as we will need to inform the carer and allocate the carer to a different care call. Any changes that you require such as if you have a professional appointment and need to visit to be early/later, the office will need to be informed 24-hour before so we are provided with advanced notice to make the changes possible.

Holiday Request for Service Users

We require at least a week notifications should our service users require their care to be placed on hold without charge, however if the client gives 24-hour notice they will only be charged for one days care.

Invoice / Payment

Invoices will be raised every 4 weeks and payment is due on receipt of invoice. Payment may be collected by direct debit system that is operated by the company. Receipts of the payments will be issued if specifically requested.